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Bringing Us Back to Christ

Being unselfish in attitude strikes at the very core of our being.  It means we are willing to forgo our own comfort, our own preferences, our own schedule, our own desires for another’s benefit.  And that brings us back to Christ.

(Charles Swindoll, Laugh Again)


How We Respond

The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it.

(Charles Swindoll, Strengthening Your Grip)


God Has No Fog Problem

God’s never missed the runway through all the centuries of fearful fog.

(Charles Swindoll, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life)



I do not understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.



God Is…

God is not interesting, He is deeply upsetting.

(John Stott, Basic Christianity)


The Essence of Sin and Salvation

The essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting Himself for man.

(John Stott, The Cross of Christ)


Sooner or Later

Sooner or later, we sit down to a banquet of consequences.

(Robert Louis Stevenson)


A Sad Soul

A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker than a germ.

(John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley)


I Would Rather…

I would rather be cheated a hundred times than develop a heart of stone.

(Tim Stafford)


The Problem with Success

Success can go to my head, and will unless I remember that it is God who accomplishes the work, and that He will be able to make out with other means whenever He has to cut me down to size.

(Charles Spurgeon)