Dwight Huffman
Baker & Gail Hill
Stafford and Mary Bryant

Louisville, KY

Mom’s Closet Resource Center

Lynch, KY

Terry & Angie Burkeen–Club 180
Esther’s Closet
Diane Durham–Backpack
Ministry, Lydia’s House
Harry Johnson–Stables at Creek

MSU Internat’l Student Min.

Cindy McArtor

Nicaragua–Luo Ministry

Gavin and Lindsey Tarquinio
(Follow them on Twitter)
Michael & Sue Buzzbee


Tom & Cyndi Morreau

Please pray for the following people:

Kevin & Jessica Cartwright & children
Greg & Laurie Sharpe & children
Noah & Maggie Sharpe
Brittney Breedlove
Rachal Wiegand
Brad & Sally Womble