Sermon Outlines

December 17, 2017

Morning Message

Has It Dawned On Us?
II Peter 1:19

A. Has it ever dawned on us the reason for the darkness and confusion in our
lives is due to the absence of the Morning Star?

B. Has it ever dawned on us we can have a new beginning in Christ?

C. Has it ever dawned on us we may be the dawn of a new day for someone

Evening Message

The Challenges of Ministry (Part 2)
Jude 20-23

A. We are to keep ourselves in good spiritual shape. (vv. 20-21)

B. We are to handle those who doubt with mercy. (v. 22)

C. We are to work to snatch people from the edge of destruction. (v. 23)

D. We are to walk a fine line between showing mercy and standing firm against sin. (v. 23)