Sermon Outlines

June 18, 2017

Morning Service

The Ultimate Makeover
Step Seven – Peacemakers
Matthew 5:9

A. Peacemakers realize the source of genuine peace.

B. Peacemakers look for and work at ways to get along with others.

C. Peacemakers lead people to experience lasting peace.


Evening Service

Reflection on “Living in the Overflow”
I Kings 19

1. Prayer is not a formula to be followed. (I Kings 17:21; 18:36-38, 41-44)

2. God needs spiritual watchmen in homes and neighborhoods.

3. What are you doing here? (19: 9, 13)

4. We are to take responsibility for our decisions. (19:10)

5. We need to focus on our obedience, not others’ disobedience. (19:10-13)

6. We need fresh encounters with God throughout our lives. (19:12)

7. We need God’s perspective to grow. (19:14-18)