We are so excited about starting what we are calling Adult LifeGroups.  Our student ministry has been doing LifeGroups for a while with great success and this will be such a great thing for adults.  Our job as a follower of Christ is to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19).  All nations starts in our back yard, with our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even our own church members.  I believe discipleship happens best in the context of small groups.  So, LifeGroups are just that... small groups designed to help us grow in our walk with Christ through discipleship, fellowship, accountability and growth.  Got questions?  See FAQ's below for more details. 

If you have a desire and want to see what this is all about, simply follow link below to be added to an interest group!


Frequently asked questions

  • Adult LifeGroups are small groups consisting of 4-6 couples who meet in homes each week for the purpose of discipleship, fellowship, accountability and growth.  

  • Absolutely not!  If anything, they enhance Sunday School.   We have several people who are unable to plug into the traditional Sunday School hour because they may be serving in other capacities.  LifeGroups are designed to be less formal and create  less intimidating and more intimate atmosphere.  Whether you are active in a Sunday School class or not, LifeGroups are for you.  We simply want small groups of people to do "life" together.

  • Most LifeGroups will meet for about an hour and a half.  Usually the first 30-40 minutes constitutes eating a meal together and that is followed up by a time of going through a book study, DVD study, etc.  The beauty of LifeGroups is that it can be tailored to the group to meet that group's needs.  

  • Ideally, LifeGroups will meet at one of the member's house.  This can be rotated weekly based on the group.  It can meet at the same house each week.  It can change every 2-3 weeks.  Whatever works best for the group is what that group can do.  

  • The best time would be on Sunday evenings, but it doesn't have to be limited to that time slot.  Once again, whatever works best for that group is when we would want that group to meet. 

  • This can be done a few different ways.  I have been a part of groups where couples simply line up child care for their kids like they would a simple date night.  I have seen other groups who bring the whole family and couples would bring $5-10 with them to LifeGroups.  The group would "hire" someone to watch the kids while the adults did their study together.  The beauty of this is the families would eat together and then kids would go to another room while adults met.  

    If you have kids in middle and high school and they are plugged into one of the youth LIfeGroups, we are working to make transportation happen.  Right now, it's looking like MS LIfeGroups would start at 5:00, HS LifeGroups would start at 5:15, and adults would start at 5:30.  We are working with our bus drivers to pick up kids from MS and HS locations after their respective LifeGroups end and bring the kids to the church to be picked up by adult group after their time was up.  

    Once again, this is up to the individual couple and the group to determine the best way to make this happen.

  • ABSOLUTELY!  That is one of the major goals of Adult LifeGroups.  We want couples to bring friends, neighbors, etc. to an atmosphere that is less intimidating than the walls of the church.  In a perfect scenario, LifeGroups would grow to about 7-10 couples consistently and then would split to make two LifeGroups.  We want you to use this as an opportunity to grow personally but also to bring others.

  • Ideally, one of the couples would take the lead in leading the group.  The church will provide several study options that groups can choose that would make it much easier on a couple leading.  For example, if it is a DVD study, then the "leaders" would simply facilitate discussion based on leaders guide.   

  • First step is filling out the form at the link above.  Once people have signed up, the church staff will look through these and strive to put groups together with people who are in similar stages of life.   Obviously, if there is a specific couple you would love to be with, let us know that.  

  • The biggest challenge with this structure is making sure that a LifeGroup doesn't become a simple fellowship group.  Getting together and watching Sunday Night Football doesn't constitute a healthy LifeGroup.  There will be accountability from the church staff in terms of what groups are studying and how things are going.  We want this to succeed so we want people to know going into it that this is not just a "social" time to get together with friends.  We want these times to get below the surface of life and be a time when friends encourage, disciple, hold accountable, and pray over each other for the purpose of spurring each other towards becoming everything that God would have us be.