Student Sunday school

gospel Foundations by lifeway

We believe that the Bible is one unified story about God.  The revelation is meant to bring us to a climax through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  With that, Gospel Foundations is meant to point out how the story of the Bible leads us to the gospel(and ultimately to God Himself).  It walks through the overarching story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in a year.  Our aim is to help give students a Biblical framework of Scripture that always exalts Jesus.  

weekly breakdown


Session 1: God's People Demand a King - January 24

Session 2: God Chooses a New King - January 31

Session 3: God Makes a Covenant with David - February 21

Session 4: David Sins and Is Restored - February 28

Session 5: God Gives Solomon Wisdom - March 7

Session 6: The Temple is Built - March 14

Session 7: Solomon's Foolishness Divides the Kingdom - March 21